A new cultural center where
long-established stores and new shops coexist.

Kamifurumachi Shopping Street

A shopping street lovingly nicknamed “Kamifuru”, where about 100 shops line up on a 500m-long alley. Standing side by side are long-established stores like Kanemakiya, a Japanese-style confectionery established 146 years ago, and new shops like Himemizuki, which was opened by the owner Norie Ozasa in 2014 because she’s loved the old city scenery for a long time. They hold joint events from time to time.

Kanemakiya, which was founded in 1871, has the classic look of a long-established shop. Its impressive facade is finished like a good old row house. The inside of the shop is paved with stone and has room to savor the sweet treats they sell.

Eisaku Kanemaki, the 4th generation shop owner. He has many fans because of his innovative attitude towards reinvigorating the area, such as developing not only traditional unbaked cakes, but also new Japanese-style sweets created in partnership with a shop in the same shopping street, and a new menu item made with locally-produced rice flour.

Komebandai (9 pieces, 864 yen) is a classic sweet from Kanemakiya. A bite size bun made of locally produced rice flour with a bean-jam filling. It was named after a song made for the opening of the Mandai Bridge.

Kamifurupoppo (100 yen each) was launched to commemorate the renewal of the Kamifurumachi Shopping Street in 2009. It was made in collaboration with hickory03travelers run by Kazunari Sako, who also appears in PEOPLE. Soft steamed buns are filled with either sweet potato cream or soybean flour cream.

Chayado (150 yen each) features a package drawn by a student from an animation academy in Niigata. Steamed doughnuts are rarely sold in Japan. Its gentle texture is addictive. There are three kinds: Sesame chocolate, Green tea and sweet green pea paste, and Perilla and raspberry.

A gallery of Norie Ozasa, who also work as an interior coordinator. She selects ceramic tableware made by about 25 creators from all over the country, including Niigata. Each piece is styled simply and fit for plating both Japanese food and Western-style food. As Ms. Ozasa says “I want to introduce Japanese culture.” To fulfil this aim, she holds events on Japanese cultural practices and foodways that feature her tableware selections, including events exploring Japanese confections and tea ceremonies.

The owner Norie Ozasa. She opened the shop in 2014 so that she can introduce the goodness of Japan through tableware.

There are many simple, but very unique pieces of tableware of the design of each creator.

7-Sun (about 21 cm) plate of Haryya Abe (5,400 yen each). Food looks better on these clear and beautiful designs.

Kamifurumachi Shopping Street
1 bancho to 4 bancho, Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata
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