Fully enjoy warabimochi that melts in your mouth.

A popular Japanese-style confectionery shop which uses renovated warehouse from the Meiji era. In a traditional Japanese atmosphere, you can taste the specialty warabimochi, a pastry made with starch from wild fern roots. Amber-color warabimochi is topped with an abundantly flavorful, deep-roasted soy bean flower. The soft textured pastry melts away, and a gentle sweetness that complements the delicious-smelling soy bean flower spreads in your mouth. They also provide shaved ice at the recreation club house in the Yamagata Prefectural Comprehensive Sports Park from June to early September.

Enjoy the surprisingly soft and springy texture of warabimochi (with roasted tea, 500 yen), which is also suitable as a gift.

Natural light enters from the window. It is a pleasure to eat Japanese-style confections in such a peaceful space.

The garret on the second floor also has a tasteful atmosphere. You cannot eat here, but there are traditional things like a shogi board, a Japanese board game resembling chess, old books, etc.

1-6-11, Kitame, Tendo, Yamagata
TEL: 023-654-8056
Open: 09:30 - 17:00
Closed: Monday (Wednesday if Monday is a holiday.)