Spend a luxurious time having every pleasure of Matsushima Bay to yourself.

Matsushimasakan Shoan

An inn run by Sakan, a long-established hotel representing Akiu Onsen. It is located on a small cape a short distance away from the center of Matsushima. It provides a relaxing time away from the hullabaloo of tourist sites with its luxurious structure that totals just 11 rooms. There is a view of Matsushima Bay from every room. You can enjoy a luxurious time finding islands on the sea, listening to the ocean’s sounds and to the calls of wild birds. There is a large open-air bath in the large common bathing area, and there is an attached restaurant popular for banquet dishes, where you can savor ingredients from the Sanriku coast in Japanese-style dishes.

Relaxing hot spring that appears after walking through a stone corridor. The scent of cypress wafts through the men’s bath, and the women’s bath is decorated with beautiful stained glass. There is an open-air bath in both sections.

Banquet dishes are served with seasonal seafood throughout the year such as icefish in spring, sea urchin in summer, anglerfish in autumn, and oysters in winter. The restaurant, where you can enjoy the delicacies of Matsushima to your heart’s content, also welcomes visitors who are not staying at the inn.

A library named Matsushima Bunko, which is filled with about 2000 novels. You can be absorbed in a book under the lamps which emit soft light, or it is also recommended to take out a book and read near the window where you can view the sea.

The free space called Kura has an elegant atmosphere with carefully arranged Italian interior items. Comfortable music is played in this space, and it changes to a bar upon request during the night. You can enjoy a rich time for adults smacking your lips over a bottle of shochu or some other drink.

Matsushimasakan Shoan
1, Tetaru-aza-umeki, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun
11 rooms, 69,120 yen~/ night, 2 persons/ room