Tasteful shops run by young owners
gather in a retro row house.


Most of the market’s shops used to be closed, but young shop owners gathered to renew the market as a hip shopping destination. Hachimitsu plus, which deals antique sundry goods mainly from Niigata, Aotogama, which creates expressive tableware using glazes made of natural materials, and other tasteful shops line up along the retro street, creating a fun area to browse through. An event held on the first Sunday of each month, which is called Asaichi (morning market) from spring to fall, and Fuyuichi (winter market) during the winter, is also a great time and highly recommended.

Hachimitsu plus is a shop which sells antique sundry goods from Niigata and the areas around it. The oldest goods are from the Edo period, and only what strikes the shop owner as “good stuff” is offered for sale. All of these goods have a feel and texture that reflects their age, and they naturally fit your daily life.

This dish with an attractive wooden texture, and other simple plates, have a character that fits the present day. The glass bottles may be used as flower vases.

An adorable animal-shaped object.

Japanese antique rugs are also loved by many collectors. There are also kids’ sizes available for indigo-dyed farming clothes.

Atelier and shop of Aotogama, which creates earthenware using glazes made of natural materials like persimmon and pear. Since natural materials are used, these pieces of tableware are modern and simple, but have a unique expression.

Rimmed dish (1,200 yen~). From the left, glazes of persimmon ash, Uonuma green ash, and white Seto are used. Dishes of the same design have a totally different look from differences in their glaze.

Ikuo Oyama, the shop owner, who carefully creates tableware with a potter’s wheel. He also offers a pottery experience for interested learners, by reservation only.

Sundry goods selected by Mr. Oyama are also exhibited. This is from a long-established store, Kimura Glass Shop established in 1910. It has a simple and modern style like Aotogama’s products.

Sake drinking set (3,000 yen~) was made so that people can enjoy sake made in Niigata with a sake bottle and cup made in Niigata. They are made with only local clay.

3-5-22, Nuttarihigashi, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-384-4010 (main number)

TEL: 025-383-8623
Open: 11:00 - 17:00
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

TEL: 090-2246-1687
Open: 10:00-17:00
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday