You can enjoy high quality, transparent hot spring water flowing out from a natural source within the premises. One-day use is available at the large common bath, but the open-air bath with a panoramic view is provided only for overnight guests. From the open-air bath with a view of the Dewa Mountains, you can feel the seasonal change of nature such as the feeling of new life in the hills and fields in spring, the sound of cicadas in summer, the autumn leaves in fall, and the frozen beauty of a snowscape in winter.

An open-air bath with a panoramic view named Ten-no-yubune (a bath in heaven). The contrast between the blue sky and the Dewa Mountains is something special.

A large common bath with a view of a courtyard. An attraction is that it does not have any added heat or water so that guests can enjoy the pure effect of a natural hot spring.

Sakaeya Hotel
2-3-16, Kamata, Tendo, Yamagata
TEL: 023-653-3151
Open: 11:00 - 15:00
Open throughout the year
Charge: 800 yen