An original footbath made by digging a hole in the sand.
Bathe while viewing Lake Kussharo.

Sunayu at Lake Kussharo

Sunayu by Lake Kussharo is a hot spring that slowly gushes out by digging in the sand. You can spend a relaxing time bathing in your own footbath while viewing the beautiful lake. Feel free to stop by, since you can rent a scoop at a nearby rest house (300 yen) and wash your feet at a pre-built footbath before you leave. Whooper swans migrate in and rest around here in the latter half of October.

The built footbath is large enough for many visitors.

The hot spring gushes out soon after digging in the sand. You can make it fit just your feet or make a bench for bathing with company.

Sunayu at Lake Kussharo
Sunayu, Kussharokohan, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami, Hokkaido
TEL: 015-482-2200 (Lake Mashu Tourist Association)
Open hours: open all the time