Springy dumplings and crisp ingredients
creates a unique contrast of textures

Kinpiradango is burdock root and carrots flavored with soy sauce, sake, and sugar that is wrapped in a rice cake. It is said to have been born as a snack for field workers. It is still a popular snack in Niigata. The sweet and salty taste of kinpira and the gentle rice sweetness of the dumplings creates a delicious harmony.

In addition to Kinpiradango, there are popular hand-made Dorayaki (pancakes with bean jam) (108 yen) and Daifuku (soft rice cakes filled with bean jam).

Kinpiradango is put in an original package. It is also suitable as a present.

The shop is located at the shopping complex in the station, CoCoLo Honkan, which opened at the same time as the launch of the Joetsu Shinkansen (the regional bullet train route) in 1982. They demonstrate the production of Sasadango (dumplings flavored with mugwort and bean jam) there. You can purchase it, too.

Tanakayahonten Cocolo Honkanten
1-1-1, Hanazono, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-243-7253
Open: 09:00 - 20:30
Open throughout the year