Have more than a mouthful!
Giant-sized portions.

A shop specializing in rice balls using a blend of Niigata’s famous rice and Koshihikari-brand rice produced in Shiozawa. Both the Bakudan size (a “bomb”, about 0.18 l), and Shobakudan size (a “small bomb”, about 0.9 l) are wrapped in high-grade nori (roasted seaweed). There are 10 or more kinds of fillings. Benijakehogushi (red salmon) is the most popular (Shobakudan 350 yen, Bakudan 650 yen). It is assembled by hand and has a substantial amount of carefully grilled, rich-tasting red salmon.

The second-most popular item is Kurobutasoboro (minced pork) (Shobakudan 370 yen, Bakudan 700 yen). Sadokurobuta (pork from a Berkshire pig) is used.

All rice balls are handmade to order by the staff with a careful attention to detail.

There are always at least 10 kinds of ingredients. All of them go very well with the rice selected by a rice meister.

The shop is adjacent to a famous Niigata sightseeing spot, Ponsyukan. You can casually sample local sake, and purchase all kinds of souvenirs.

CoCoLo Nishikan 3F, 1-96-47, Hanazono, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-240-7090
Open: 09:00 - 21:00
Open throughout the year