A proper taste beloved by Osaka locals.

Takoyakidoraku Wanaka Sennichimae main store

The store boasts a top-class popularity in Osaka as a takoyaki store where people line up. The takoyaki baked by skilled artisans provides a contrasting mouthfeel of a crispy outside and a creamy inside. Takosen with Welsh onion topping, which is 2 pieces of takoyaki sandwiched between crispy shrimp crackers, is also popular among tourists since it is suitable to eat while walking.

Takosen with Welsh onion topping 150 yen. Takoyaki cooked in special hot iron pans are sandwiched between crispy shrimp crackers. The thick sauce spreads in your mouth, following the taste of the takoyaki.

The store is next door to Namba Grand Kagetsu. The reason for their popularity is simply the freshly cooked tasty takoyaki you can eat anytime.

Takoyakidoraku Wanaka Sennichimae main store
11-19, Namba Sen-nichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6631-0127
Open: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM, 8:30 AM - (Sat., Sun, Holidays)
Closed: Open throughout the year