A native of Sendai, living in Matsushima for 5 years. Opened a local food select shop, M Pantry, in Matsushima-cho in 2014. It collects foods from Miyagi. She always puts out an antenna looking for delicious foods and fun things to do in Matsushima-cho.


Where is your favorite spot to stop by?

I’ve visited Shiogama Shrine since I was little. It is a place where I go at various turning points of my life such as shichigosan (a ceremony to celebrate a child’s growth), the New Year, entrance examinations, a ceremony for driving away ill fortune, praying for good business, and so forth. It is a place where I can visit casually and relax.


What is a soul food of Matsushima and Shiogama areas that you’re proud of?

Horaiten, a local Chinese restaurant. I order a set of traditional Chinese noodles and Chinese-style fried rice for a holiday lunch. Not only are the noodles high quality, but the white rice in the set meals of this restaurant is excellent. I feel so happy when I eat it with side dishes.


Which is your favorite neighborhood spot?

Sugihara Isao Shoten provides seasonal fresh seafood caught in Matsushima Bay including grilled seafood that you can eat on-site. We recommend that you try the oysters. You can enjoy oysters raw, grilled, fried, or as a one-pot meal.