Brought up in Akanko-ainukotan. She runs the Ainu cuisine and folkcraft café Poronno with her family. As a unit of sisters, Kapiw & Apappo, she plays Ainu music at live stages and ethnic exchange meetings in Japan and other countries.

What is your favorite spot in the Doto area that you like to bring friends to?

Lake Akan in the early morning is quite fantastic. I sometimes find “the deity’s time” when I am there. There are Ainu songs, folklore, and musical performances only on the pleasure boat that starts at 6 in the morning. I recommend taking the lake excursion before human activities start. Canoeing in the early morning is also recommended!

What is a “soul food” of the Doto area?

Ageimo (fried potato) that is sold at almost any kiosk in service areas and observatories. Several whole potatoes deep-fried with batter are skewered. Truly enjoy driving through the Doto area while munching it!

Which is your favorite hot spring in the Doto area?

Long-established Nonaka Onsen near Onneto. You can stay overnight or stop by for a one-day use. I often go for a one-day use. There is a large indoor bath made of Yezo spruce. I feel like my daily worries melt away when I bathe in its gentle hot water. It is a very thick hot spring that only a limited amount of people know.