A vice head priest of Entsuin Temple. After graduating from a university, she entered the Rinsai Sect and Obaku Sect Nuns’ School as a trainee nun. After entering the Entsuin Temple, she has poured her efforts into activities to revitalize Matsushima by tourism, such as starting up an event of lighting up autumnal leaves.


Where is your favorite spot to stop by?

On a full-moon night, you can enjoy beautiful golden waves and silver waves in Matsushima Bay reflecting the moonlight from the vantage point of Kanko Sanbashi Bridge and Mt. Sokan. I strongly recommend the moonlit night of Matsushima, which has also captivated Masamune Date, Basho Matsuo, and Einstein.


What is a soul food of Matsushima and Shiogama areas that you’re proud of?

Okuzukake (stew in thick soy-sauce-flavored soup), a local dish of Sendai, is a secret menu item at Senshinan, which is next to Entsuin. Since I have poor circulation, it is good for warming up my body, and I take a lot of burdock roots and shiitake mushrooms because it is also good for constipation and losing weight.


Which is your favorite neighborhood spot?

At Oshima Island, you can see an illusory scene like those that appear in Studio GHIBLI’s animation when you walk through the entrance. There is a sweeping view of Matsushima Bay. I feel great when I go there when the weather is good.