The owner of a specialty store for coffee beans, MIL HOJAS. With his motto, coffee of life, he sells fresh coffee beans roasted within 9 days in the store in Matsushima at reasonable prices that people can drink daily.


Where is your favorite spot to stop by?

Makabe Tofu Store is the only tofu store in Matsushima. The taste of their tofu is robust, and you can eat it without soy sauce. Ganmodoki, a deep-fried bean curd containing bits of various kinds of vegetables, and yuba, a delicacy made from the skin of gently boiled soybean milk, are also delicious.
I often go to buy soy milk, which is not on the official menu, holding an empty container in one hand when I take a walk.


What is a soul food of Matsushima and Shiogama areas that you’re proud of?

Mabotanmen, Chinese noodles with tofu and a spicy sauce, a set meal of grilled meat, and fried rice are timeless popular menu items of Oga, an old Chinese restaurant established in 1975. They have not changed the price of mabotanmen since they opened the restaurant, and its taste is the one and only. It is addictive (laughs).


Which is your favorite neighborhood spot?

I always learn more about the body when I go to Yoko Sekkotsuin, a bonesetter’s clinic, which requires advance reservation. The practice called skin drive, created based on scientific theories, wakes up a healing power within people that humans originally had.