Ms. Tomoko Idichi and Ms. Masako Idichi

Designers and craftspeople of genuine leather bags and the accessory brand “URBANBOBBY”. Based in Osaka, creating articles 100% made in Japan including materials and sewing.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

I feel happy when I drink a glass of beer and get a pizza at “Blue Napoli” after work. It is in a lawn park, and I feel refreshed by seeing open scenery in the city.

What is your “soul food” that evokes good memories for you?

“Hayashi” is my family’s favorite okonomiyaki restaurant for a long time. When I come back home after being away from my parents’ home for awhile, I feel warmth when I eat okinomiyaki here.

What is a “must-see” spot for you in Osaka?

The Ten-nohji Park was renovated and became ”Tenshiba” last October. We can have a picnic in the large lawn space, and there are fashionable cafes and restaurants.

How did you feel when you used the Canon EOS M10 to take these pictures?

It has substantial shooting modes and it seems easy to use, even for beginners. It is also easy to take a selfie with the touch panel, which I think is an especially appealing point for women!