He founded a creative group, hickory03travelers, in 2001, which develops and designs products having the color of Niigata and is based in shops in Kamifurumachi Shopping Street and other places. Their designs originating in the local area received a Good Design Award.


What is your favorite place in Niigata where you’d want to show your friends around?

The old and new Kamifurumachi Shopping Street is an area where long-established stores, unique shops and fashionable stores gather. You can enjoy eating sweets and looking around the various sundry goods shops while viewing the many atmospheric alleys that cross the Furumachidori street.


What is “the taste of Niigata” for you?

Italian of Mikazuki was shocking to me, someone who was born in Fukuoka. It is a strange dish of soft noodles which resembles yakisoba (fried noodles) and meat sauce. It is a common food for Niigata people, but it took about 8 years for me to gradually became fond of it.


Which do you think is the No.1 rice ball shop in Niigata?

I like my home-made rice balls the best, so I rarely eat rice balls at omusubi shops, but I think rice is delicious in Niigata. Musubiyamomo in Kamifurumachi is closed irregularly, so it is lucky if it is open. Their rice balls are good.