A photographer whose work appears in magazines, advertisements, catalogs, and other outlets. He is also involved in the planning and operation of events at SPinniNG MiLL, and started a project 71 labo members to launch fun events in Sakai with the theme of “create”.

What is your favorite place in Sakai where you’d want to show your friends around?

Yunokado is an experimental space using a row house renovated by residents in the neighborhood. I feel that the spirit of the owner sent out through the exhibition is important for the future of Sakai, and I’m looking forward to seeing what visitors experience from it.

What is a “soul food” of Sakai for you?

Egg sandwiches from the coffee shop Kissa Rakku, which was established more than 40 years ago near the Takasujinja Station. They are voluminous and delicious. The owner is a mother who tells me various interesting things when I ask about the old days of this area. I recommend visiting there when you walk around Shichido, where the old townscape remains.

What is your favorite famous sweet of Sakai?

Scones made by the owner of the Hachirokuhachi Building, a former printing factory renovated into a café. They match the atmosphere of the café that reuses an industrial space. You can get them to go, so it is also good to have them while sunbathing at a nearby park.