Brought up in Sakai-ku, Sakai. She returned to her home town last year after living in Tokyo for 8 years. She runs café & Residence SAKAINOMA so that people of her generation know more about the interesting attractions of Sakai.

What is your favorite place in Sakai where you’d want to show your friends around?

The accommodation SAKAINOMA RESIDENCE Nishiki, where people can experience the slow life in Sakai, was the house where my family lived until about 10 years ago. I want my guests to experience a morning waking up with the sound of a tram, which is a nice experience, though I did not notice it when I was younger.

What is a “soul food” of Sakai for you?

Buckwheat noodles from Chikuman, a long-established store that has been running since 1695. Soft buckwheat noodles in soup stock with a raw egg is a traditional eating style of people from Sakai. The Mamiya family always stops by Chikuman and Kanbukuro after visiting the family grave. As a child, I always loved the side dish they serve to accompany a beer.

What is your favorite famous sweet of Sakai?

Green bean jam and rice-flour dumplings topped with fluffy shaved ice. Kori kurumimochi of Kanbukuro is my favorite sweet since I was a child. The ice tempers the sweetness and creates an exquisite taste. The most pleasurable thing of coming back to Sakai is that I can visit Kanbukuro every week.