The owner of an inn, nuttari NARI, in Nuttari, Niigata. It is a casual inn in a renovated 90-year-old house, which is the second satellite shop of Nuttari Terrace Street.


What is your favorite place in Niigata where you’d want to show your friends around?

Foods and sake from all over Niigata are gathered in Piar Bandai, and you can eat them at the BBQ space. It is exceptionally delicious! And you can walk from NARI. Watching the sunset by the Shinano River, which runs nearby, is also a wonderful time.


What is “the taste of Niigata” for you?

Burishabu (swishing thin slices of yellowtail meat in boiling broth and dipping it into a sauce) of Osadotamura uses thick cuts of yellowtail caught in midwinter, which has plenty of fat and is very sweet! I recommend that you eat a piece after swishing it only twice so only the surface is cooked. It makes me look forward to winter, though it is very cold.


Which do you think is the No.1 rice ball shop in Niigata?

Asagohan Onigiri (breakfast rice balls) of NARI, which we make with love using certified Koshihikari brand rice. I think the person’s character appears in the shape of their onigiri. A neat triangle, a very round shape, etc. Please stay at our place and try them.