The top stylist of a beauty salon “Daisy”. She has many Instagram followers (@ru0711), and her book “RUMI HAIR ARRANGE BOOK 2” published by Shufunotomo Co. Ltd. Has received much praise.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

“GREED International FUKUOKA”. I love their clothes, and it has been my favorite shop for more than 10 years. It is on the second floor of the same building as my beauty salon in Daimyo, Chuo-ku.

What is your “soul food” that evokes good memories for you?

“Mutsugoro manju” (a stuffed, fish-shaped pastry), which you may know if you spent your school days in Fukuoka. I often ate it with my friends when I was a beauty school student. My favorite is “Rojiura ham and eggs” and “custard”.

What is a “must-see” spot for you in Fukuoka?

“CHOCOLATE CAMPBELL” in Daimyo has become a hand-made accessory shop where lots of fans visit even from outside of Fukuoka Prefecture. I’ve also used their items for years.

How did you feel when you used the Canon EOS M10 to take these pictures?

It’s good that we can choose a favorite color from many fashionable colors. It is easy to use, friendly for beginners! I feel like carrying it everyday because it is lightweight and cute.