A music journalist from Kyoto. Actively working to connect music and fashion by such ventures as translating and providing editorial supervision to “Rookie Year Book” and directing a diskunion’s select shop Girlside.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

I always find myself at Onee-to-obanzai Gen at the end when I am around Kiyamachi and Ponto-cho. It is a place I feel at home, and I stay on and on to talk with Moe, who gives me sharp, but trustworthy advice.

What is your best recommendation for small gifts from Kyoto?

Kurumi buttons created with cuttings of Morikage shirts in match boxes. It is not bulky since it is palm-size, and the designs are nice. I bring these as souvenirs to my friends who love clothes and art.

Where is your favorite place in Kyoto?

Umeyu, a retro public bath which suddenly appears when you turn south at Gojo from a street along Takase River. Mr. Minato, who became the owner because he liked public baths a lot, is still in his 20’s. I also pay attention to the events there like live music and markets which are activities not found at normal public baths.