The owner of the cafe & gallery “DACOTA”. She serves meals using Miyazaki’s seasonal ingredients, holds regular exhibitions by various kinds of creators, and also works as a food stylist all over Japan.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

I often visit “Tsubaki antiques” to find dishes and interior items for my cafe and gallery. They sell antiques not only from Japan but from all over the world at reasonable prices.

What is your “soul food” that evokes good memories for you?

Although there are many Udon noodle restaurants in Miyazaki, I never get tired of eating kamaage udon. I love eating kamaage udon with sushi made of fresh mackerel at “Kamaage Udon Iwami” in Aoshima.

What is your favorite beach?

Ibii beach in Nichinan-city where I visit with my husband when he goes surfing. It’s not actually a swimming beach, but the blue sky and white sand bring a resort-like relaxing mood.

How did you feel when you used the Canon EOS M10 to take these pictures?

The main body designed in a casual style is so cool! Regardless if the subject is people, landscape, or food, the picture is nice and clear. It’s also stable and easy to handle.