He hosts an up-and-coming food event “Okinawa Food Flea”, and produces the food booth for the Ryukyu Golden Kings pro basketball team. He also manages a tavern “Tsuki-to-utsuwa” in Chatan-cho, which serves char-grilled, spit-roasted chicken.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

I go to the seashore of “Miyagi Beach” in Chatancho to look at the moon. I can have a good time there resetting my brain (when I’ve been thinking too much) by listening to the sound of the waves and watching the moon reflected on the surface of the peaceful sea.

What is a “soul food” of Okinawa that you have good memories of?

I was impressed by the tacos of a restaurant named Mexico in Ginowanshi that I ate when I visited Okinawa for the first time! I couldn’t forget them when I moved to Okinawa and it was so delicious that I rented a house in front of that store.

Which is your favorite secret beach?

“Sunabebaba Park” along the beach in Chatancho is a cozy place even though there is nothing all that special there. It is a time-honored beach where a gathering of young men and women called Mouashibi has been held, and its songs have been passed down to the present day.