Let’s go for a small trip to nature-rich Sadogashima Island
full of allures of each season.

Sadogashima Island is the biggest island in the Japan Sea. 3 million years of continued movement of the earth’s crust created this island and its beautiful landscape. Agriculture and fishing are flourishing because of the unique soil and the surrounding ocean. Sadogashima Island has its unique allures including the scenery, spots, and foods fostered by the rich nature throughout the year.


Fantastic and dramatic cherry blossoms at night

against a backdrop of the Sado Gold Mine.

The Sado Gold Mine is a noted cherry blossom spot where there are the greatest number of trees in the island. They look beautiful during the day, but the illumination of roadside cherry blossom trees in mid-April is a must-see. The cherry blossoms against the buildings of the Sado Gold and Silver Mountain Remains at night is a fantastic sight that you can see only here.

Sado Gold Mine
1305, Shimoaikawa, Sado, Niigata
TEL: 0259-74-3515 (Sado Gold Mine night cherry blossom festival executive committee’s office)
Open: 19:00 - 21:30
Festival period: Mid-April to late April
Fee: Free


The contrast between the sky, the ocean, and sunflowers

creates a composition of natural beauty in front of you.

Ishina-no-himawaribatake is on the roadside of Sadoisshusen (Prefectural Highway 45) between Senkaku Bay and Futatsukame Beach. Seeing the beauty of the sunflower field against the sky and the ocean will take your breath away. The best season is August, when sunflowers are in full bloom. A lot of people visit to enjoy the scenery along with the comfortable sea breeze.

Ishina, Sado, Niigata
TEL: 0259-27-5000 (Sado Tourism Association)


Let’s go to the park where you can

leisurely walk around viewing the autumn leaves spreading in the area.

Mt. Ogami and Mt. Megami, which rise side by side at the center of Kosado, which is at the southern part of the island. Their southern slopes are known for beautiful autumn leaves, and next to Momijiyama Park. There are promenades and an observatory where you can view the autumn leaves while walking through the park. On the last Sunday of October, Momijimaya Festival, where various events including performing arts are held.

Momijiyama Park
Hamakawachi, Sado, Niigata
TEL: 0259-27-5000 (Sado Tourism Association)


A luxurious plan to eat the Sado’s representative food material in winter,

Oysters, to your heart’s content.

Kakizanmai Plan (indulge in oysters plan) is one of Enjoy Plans of Sado Tourism Association, which offers various plans for sightseeing in the island. Oyster is a representative food of Sado in winter. The oysters grown in Kamo Lake, the biggest lake in Niigata, have less smell of the sea. They are harvested when they are one year old and are easy to eat. Adding to eat-as-much-as-you-like grilled oysters, oyster rice, miso soup, and others are included in the plan. Enjoy the taste of “the milk of the sea” to the full!

Venue: Akitsumaru (Akitsu, Sado, Niigata)
TEL: 0259-27-5000 (Sado Tourism Association)
Period: Early December to February 28

Hydrofoils and car ferries are convenient

for visiting Sadogashima Island.

Hydrofoils, high-speed vessels that run between Niigata Port and Ryotsu Port, and car ferries are convenient for visiting Sadogashima Island. It takes only 65 minutes by hydrofoil, or you can enjoy a relaxing two-and-a-half-hour sea trip by car ferry. There are services between Naoetsu Port and Ogi Port, and Teradomari Port and Akadomari Port, too. It is also recommended to take a cruise on all three routes for sightseeing.

Sado Steam Ship Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0570-200310 (Navi Dial service connecting to the nearest office)