6 things for enjoying Kushiro

This is a rare area in Japan which has a vast wilderness, including two national parks, KushiroShitsugen National Park and Akan Mashu National Park, while it is also the largest city in the eastern Hokkaido.There is Kushiro port, and there is delicious food from the land and sea.We’d like to introduce the many allures of Kushiro, which is full of places to go and foods to eat, focusing on the “6 key words to enjoy Kushiro”.

The sunset, which colors the city in red, is said to be one of “the three best sunset locations in the world”.

Kushiro is praised as one of “the three best sunset locations in the world” along with Manila in the Philippines and Bali in Indonesia. Nusamai Bridge at the mouth of the Kushiro River is a noted place for viewing the beautiful sunset. It’s a unique location where you can see the sun set over the river to the ocean. It is said that the water vapor from the sea and marshland makes the sky light up in red.

A “soul food” born in Kushiro that goes great with beer.

Zangi means deep-fried meat. Besides just chicken, various deep-fried delicious ingredients from the local area are on offer as Kushiro Zangi. There are various restaurants serving Zangi in Kushiro. Seasoning and ingredients vary depending on the restaurant. Let’s enjoy the variety of flavors by visiting several restaurants in a row.

What is the origin of the name Zangi?

There are various opinions. One is that it is a combination of the Chinese word meaning deep-fried chicken, Zagi, and Un, a Japanese word meaning fortune. Together, they invite good fortune. Another theory is that it is named after Zangiri, which means to cut chicken with its bone.

The excellent supporting actor on the plate is another representative specialty of Kushiro.

Paprika is not only nutritious. It makes a plate colorful. Kushiro is suitable for growing paprika with its abundant duration of sunshine among the agricultural areas in Hokkaido, cool summers, and the small amount of snow it receives in winter. This enables a stable supply of agricultural products with good flavor.

What is the difference between paprika and green pepper?

A green pepper’s flesh is thin and tastes bitter, while paprika is thick and has a nice sweetness to it. Their nutrients are also different, but both are categorized as capsicum of the nightshade family. Since the species is the same, there is no clear difference or definition.

Beautiful water blessed by natural flows.

The water that slowly flows over the years from out of the marshland is of outstanding quality. About half of all the domestically produced ORONAMIN C drink from Otsuka Pharmaceutical is produced at their Kushiro Factory, because they are attracted by Kushiro’s excellent water quality.

It is comfortable even in summer. The illusionary atmosphere of fog is also a must-see.

This area has an especially cool climate in Hokkaido. The highest temperature in a day is about 21.1 degrees Celsius even in the hottest part of summer. The snowfall is light and there are many sunny days during winter. In addition, since cedar and cypress do not grow here naturally, it is comfortable for those who have pollen allergies. The cool weather in summer creates sea fog, and you can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of towns covered in fog. Savor the beauty of a snowscape melting into Mother Nature, the winter scenery that is unique to Kushiro.

Heartily grilling just-landed seafood over a charcoal fire.

Robatayaki (Japanese-style barbecue) started in Kushiro. Fresh seafood captured in coastal waters is grilled over a charcoal fire in front of you. Ganpekirobata, which is open until October 31st, is popular because of its prime location for savoring the view of the Nusamai Bridge while you enjoy your food. Various seafood options are served at reasonable prices.

What is robatayaki?

The origin of its name is barbecuing seafood and vegetables on a hearth (robata) for guests. Ro of robata means hearth, and bata means around edges. Food was cooked around the edges of a hearth, so it was named robatayaki. Since it is cooked over a charcoal fire, ingredients are cooked without losing their flavor from the effect of far-infrared rays.

2-4, Nishikicho, Kushiro, Hokkaido (adjacent to Kushiro Fisherman’s wharf MOO)
17:00 - 21:00 (17:00 - 22:00 from July to September. There are some special open hours other than that.)
Open throughout the year

Eat, play, and enjoy shopping
at a landmark of Kushiro.

A complex facility along the Kushiro River. The impressive building was designed with a motif of the rich nature of eastern Hokkaido by Kiko Mozuna, an architect from Kushiro. In its spacious premises, there are restaurants, souvenir shops, and even a botanical garden. Both local people and tourists visit the attractions here. Akan Bus, which connects Kushiro Airport and Kushiro City, also stops here. It is a landmark that can be the base of a trip through Kushiro.

Kushiro Fisherman’s wharf MOO
2-4, Nishikicho, Kushiro, Hokkaido